Ticket to Ride: Riding the Rails of Fun

Ticket to Ride: Riding the Rails of Fun

Lets go on a trip.  A long trip.  Preferably a long continuous trip that is longer than anyone else’s.  Most of you probably know what Ticket to Ride is and how to play it.  I’m going to review it here for a few reasons.  First, if someone doesn’t know what it is and they happen to stumble onto this site they should be brought up to speed since it is one of the most mentioned games to start new players on.  Second, if I review this often played and well known game you will have a gauge as to where my family and I stand and what are likes and dislikes might reflect.

Now for how it plays.  This is a simple game to play.  It is basically a set collection game with area control as the goal.  Each player is given 4 cards as a starting hand.  The cards are different colors Black, White, Red, Blue, Pink, Red, Green, Yellow and Orange along with a wild (Engine) cards.TTR Cards  Players are also given 3 Destination Tickets that show two cities that they need to connect on the board (ex. Chicago and LA) and the point value each route is worth.  Players will choose 2-3 of those Destination Tickets and the game begins.TTR Destination Tickets  The routes on the board are color coded to coordinate with the cards.  For example to connect Denver and Kansas City you would need 4 black or 4 orange cards in your hand to play, you would then place 4 or your train cars (yes great little plastic train cars) on the 4 spaces to claim the area.  Double routes are available in 4 and 5 player games but in a 2 or 3 player game you choose one or the other the the second route is unavailable.TTR Board

You gain points when you put down your train cars on the routes, the longer the route the more points which helps encourage you to take the long route if available but you don’t ever want to waste too much time trying to gain a long route while someone else is completing their tickets and potentially blocking your easy routes to complete your tickets.  This creates a constant need to balance your game play.  The game ends when one player has less than three cars available to place, all other players get one more turn and then final scoring occurs.  You will gain points from all Destination Tickets completed and lose points for all Tickets not completed.  There are also 10 points to the player with the longest continuous route, this helps encourage player to string their cities together also adding to the strategy.


Game Name: Ticket to Ride 

My wife and I loved this game.  Unfortunately my daughter has been so busy she has been unable to play it yet but when she does I’ll get her thoughts on it and edit this post.  If you have read my Rococo review you know how much my wife enjoys that game and will even suggest it as the game to play for a night.  She stated that she liked this game even more.  It is simple in it’s mechanics but has plenty of depth in the strategy department without being a brain burning, headache inducing game.  It honestly is a blast.  I avoided buying and playing it for so long because it is so popular I thought it might be worn out by all that I have read and watched, boy was I wrong.  The funny offshoot of this is that my wife and I are even more interested the the game Quilt Show now because of the similar mechanics it uses and my wife’s love of sewing.  My opinion, if you don’t own it buy it.  If you have someone that you think would like games, even heavier games but you don’t want to scare them off the first time you sit down with them, use this game.  It is intriguing, interesting, fun, simple and fast to teach and easy to pick up and compete.

Suggested Movie: The Journey of Natty Gann (lots of train travel in an era close to the one the game is set in) or Around the world in Eighty Days (any of them are good fun to watch with the family before embarking on your own adventure)

What Movie do you suggest?  Let me know in the comments below.


Game Type: Set Collection and Area Control

Ages: 8 or older (maybe younger)

Size: Standard square box


Me – 10 (Loved playing it, enjoyed teaching it and will play whenever someone desires to)

My Wife – 10 (Said that she actually thought about the game the evening and next day after the first time we played the game.  She really enjoys the game Rococo and said she likes this one more)

Daughter – Has yet to play

AVERAGE SCORE – 10 Buy the game already!

Also I plan on getting an actual website soon and will possibly be running a contest for people that comment on the best movie to pair with the games that I review (Random drawing).  I would also like suggestions below for Games to be reviewed during the contest and possible prize ideas.  Thank you



2 thoughts on “Ticket to Ride: Riding the Rails of Fun

  1. Love this game, lots of expansions to go with it too. The Asia one is a favorite because it brings in teams (2 players to a team) really makes it challenging. Good luck with the web site, keep the reviews coming.


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