Kickstarter Update – 6/24/2014

So what am I backing right now?

Yardmaster Express : In Yardmaster Express players are racing to have the most valuable train by the end of the last round. Through card drafting players must balance building a high value train while keeping an eye on what they might be able to deny their opponents.  The game plays in around 10 minutes and is a very portable pack of cards.  At $9.00 ($7.00 if you backed Yardmaster) this is a heck of a deal.

Treasure Chest: Realistic Resource Tokens : This box contains realistic renderings of Gold Bars, Stone, Wood, Gems, Clay/Bricks, and Ore.  Great looking items to upgrade many of your games.  $33 for a great box a components that is growing with the number of backers.

Tiny Epic Defenders: A Co-opreative micro-game for 1-4 players.  This game contains a deck building mechanism where the game/enemy is building it’s deck getting tougher and tougher each round until and Epic Foe arrives to try and destroy your kingdom.  $24 for the deluxe version and lots of stretch goals already achieved and no early bird to stress about having missed.

HARBOUR – Master markets in a fantasy port : I have already reviewed the Print and Play version here (A Safe Harbour in a Gaming Storm?).  $20 for a small box game with some real depth and again lots of stretch goals already achieved.

Go out and back some games and have some fun.

And remember…If no one cried, you’re not playing games with your family!


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