6/17/2014 Kickstarter Update

Currently there are several projects on Kickstarter that I think are worth looking at.  Some of these I have backed and others I am considering.

Progress: Evolution of Technology – This is a fun looking tech tree/civilization card game.  Your civilization starts in the earliest reaches of human history and you must “discover” various technologies to gain more technologies down the road.  There are a few ways to get the cards on the table.  Research requires several rounds of waiting while your people work on the tech.  Having the prerequisites for a technology allows you to place it on the table immediately and without further cost (ex. to play Irrigation you need to have Calendar and Agriculture on you board already).  Or you can pay the inspiration costs by discarding cards from your hand (ex. Irrigation would require 5 which would require approximately 5 cards from age I) or use a combination of cards in your hand and knowledge you have already earned to pay the costs.  Check it out lots of stretch goals have already been hit I’m backing this one.

Scrapyard Empire: Strategic Card Game for One to Four People – Another fun card game with great art.  You are competing with the other players to win a huge estate from a deceased tycoon.  The competition involves building crazy inventions using items found in a junkyard.  By drawing cards and building small machines out of them you can then use the small machines to build the large inventions.  In a 2 player game the first player to build 3 inventions wins the game but you can only work on one invention at a time.  Players get character cards that give them some special ability and will spend some time trying to steal cards from each other to build their machines.  Another one I am backing.

HARBOUR – Master markets in a fantasy port – I did a review of this game a a little while back and the funding has shot through the roof with lots of stretch goals hit in the first 24 hours.  See my review A Safe Harbour in a Gaming Storm? for all the details.  The art is great and the game play is fun.  A small footprint game with market manipulation, worker placement and resource management.  Get to Kickstarter now to get the Early Bird special of sleeves to hold the building cards before it ends on Wednesday June 18th.  Yes, I’m backing this one also.

Waggle Dance – This is another worker placement game that uses dice as workers.  They represent bees and the board is made of cards.  You are trying to make 5 honeycomb cells of honey before your competitors by increasing your workforce, collecting pollen and building onto your honey comb.  This one is currently under consideration but will probably be backed before it ends.

I hope you find something on this list that interests you and have fun gaming!



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