Some things to look at on Kickstarter

Here is a list of some of the games you may want to check out on Kickstarter right now.


What I’m backing:

Choose Your Crew: Rockband – A Card Game. Play it Loud!: This is a fun little warm-up or filler game.  The designers previous game was a nice game to get some laughs and smiles going before hitting the harder games.  As a disclaimer you will have to see my mug trying to look all tough and manager like as I am in the game.  My daughters were in the previous design which is still available at The Game Crafter (Choose Your Crew: Pirates).   Your goal in the game is to collect your crew, hit the road as rock stars and the battle it out with the other players bands.  Offers some different strategy than a lot of other games.

Yardmaster – Rule the Rails!: Another shorter game this one offers more strategy than you would think.  Small and portable this is like having a medium weight game that you can easily travel with and finish in under 30 minutes.  They have already hit the 5th player expansion and have a really good chance to hit some other nice stretch goals.

What I’m considering:

Thebes: This campaign has a nice package.  Currently for $54 you get Thebes, Tomb Raiders: Thebes the Card Game, and Maharani.  The game offers a little bit of worker placement, time management and luck of the draw.  I’m only going back and forth on my decision is because funds are getting low for Kickstarter and there are a few coming up that I know I want to back.


Get out there and back some great games.


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