5/1/2014 Kickstarter Update

What?  Two posts in one day? I hope this doesn’t annoy anyone but I realized I haven’t updated my Kickstarter backing list lately.  So here it is:

Choose Your Crew: Rock Band

This is similar to the earlier game by the same designer but has a ROCK BATTLE element to it that decides the best band in the world.  Low price to back this fun little quick playing game.

Escape Big Box

A frantic dice rolling cooperative game with a ten minute soundtrack.  This game has a track record since it has been out for awhile.  This campaign has hit a lot of stretch goals and chock full of extras that will extend re-playablity.

Yardmaster: Rule the Rails

Ever feel like you could load up the trains better the the pros?  This game involves card draws, set collection, and card matching in a race to be the first at a set amount of points.


My family is looking forward to each of these games and I hope you take the time to check them out.



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