Get to Kickstarter Now!!!!! 3/12/2014

Attention everyone!  There are some games on Kickstarter that you should not miss.

#1 – And I do mean NUMBER ONE, Is Tuscany.(Tuscany Kickstarter)  This is an expansion to Viticulture a worker placement game about grow/making wine.  This expansion (you can get the expansion and improved 2nd edition of the base game on the Kickstarter) .  This thing broke through every single one of the original stretch goals in the first 4 hours.  There are no early birds so you haven’t missed any special pricing.  I have watched play throughs of this game (Rohdo Runs Through) and it looks great!  Get there, check it out and back it.


#2 – Is Epic Resort (Epic Resort Kickstarter).  Tired of saving the world?  Just want to relax?  Well go to Epic Resort and build up your health.  Yes you may have to fight the occasional monster but at least it’s on the beach or the tiki hut.  This is a Deck building/Worker Placement game.  Yes, you read that right it has both deck building and worker placement.  The theme is fun and the game play looks fun, fast and enjoyable.  Enough strategy and planning to be interesting but light enough that you shouldn’t get a migraine.  Don’t miss this one you’ll be sorry.


That’s all for now.  A few of the others I’m on are mentioned in the previous posts (Hoyuk, Town Center, Tower, Meeple Source)  Check those out also.


8 thoughts on “Get to Kickstarter Now!!!!! 3/12/2014

  1. Barely! It is on my radar but I haven’t been able to really look at it yet. Hopefully tonight I can get a good look at my daughters dance class. Keep the tips coming. (though I’ll need a second job!)


  2. my best suggestion on KS is to evaluate the creators past games they have in the market, and the online price they go for, some end up being way overcharged on KS.


    • I’ve looked at it and I think it looks fun. My current problem is I’m low on funds and it seems a little heavy/complicated for my whole family. While I think I would enjoy it and my wife might be okay with it, my daughter would not be able to play and she is a third of my normal play group. If I had more money available right now I would probably back it in anticipation of her growing into it. As it is I have backed Viticulture for just the wife and I and the daughter thinks epic resort looks great. Keep the notifications coming I’m glad to have them.


  3. Hi D. Eric, I don’t know what’s upcoming (although the Krosmaster Quest campaign is supposed to launch at some point) but right now I’m going in for Among the Stars which looks like a cool drafting game, and Dragon Slayer (mainly because of the discount I got for backing Coup Reformation, I know you pulled out of that one though). Those are all I’m looking at board game wise. You might want to have a look at Allegiance, it looks like a good competitive card game. It’s pretty much a standalone take on a TCG. I might have gone for it but mechanically it’s too close to the World of Warcraft TCG, and I invested way too much in that over the years.

    Mostly May is going to be expensive for me because I’m (tentatively) backing the Micro 3D (a $299 3D printer). I’m also throwing in on the Girl Genius Kickstarter as it’s an absolutely amazing comic.


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