Latest Kickstarter Games I’m Backing

A little update to let everyone know what I’m currently backing on Kickstarter.

Character Meeples (Meeple Kickstarter): Pick from any of Meeple Sources existing Meeples or one of the 99 (I think my count is right) currently unlocked Meeple styles with many more potentially coming.  They currently have Meeples for Oz, Tiny Epic Kingdom, Pandemic, Agricola families are on the list to unlock, Pandemic Germs, Lords of Waterdeep, Lots of Zombies and other fantasy or fun characters.  Check this out as some styles may not be available after the Kickstarter.

Heroes Wanted (Heroes Wanted Kickstarter): This is a competitive game where you mix the top and bottom half of heroes to make your very own wanna be super hero.  The game has some fighting features and points are based on fame and headlines.  Tons of Unlocked Stretch Goals are already beefing up this game and more could be opening up.  This game ends within the next four games so get over there now!  There are a lot of humorous aspects to this game to make it a good time even if you lose.

Tower: A Board Game of Building (Tower Kickstarter): A game where players are trying to build their three tower pieces before other players.  You will be purchasing the supplies needed with gems drawn from a bag which you can trade in for the gems you need but at a cost.  There is also a black market you can utilize but be careful you never know what you will get from the black market thugs.

Town Center 4th edition(Town Center Kickstarter): If you like bright primary colors, nicely laid out maps or abstract style games with a little economic flavor, this is for you.  They are adding in a Manhattan map expansion, a Paris Map expansion and the Central Park expansion that was previously only available on a t-shirt.  This game isn’t on it’s 4th edition because it’s bad.  This game has some real staying power and replay-ability.  This game tents to sale out when it hots the retail stores and will be more expensive on the shelves than it is on Kickstarter.

Hoyuk (Hoyuk Kickstarter): When my daughter saw this game she stated that she definitely wanted the “Caveman” game.  Ever wanted to build an ancient civilization?  Want to struggle against natural disasters?  Feel like building pens and ovens and shrines?  This is a game you should look at.  This game has tiles, cards and if stretch goals are hit, several different meeple types.  This looks to be a very cool tile laying, set collection building game.  Get there now and get your copy before it’s too late.

As always on kickstarter you are supporting individual designers or small companies bring their product and dreams to life.  Take a look and have some fun.


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