Dice Town – Roll Your Way Through Main Street

This week there was no game night.  My daughter was out camping with the Girl Scouts. My wife and I did play a game of the PnP version of oddball Aeronauts and she thought it was great!  If you like card games, quick games, games that seem simple but have a hidden depth of strategy I highly suggest picking it up.  It is on Kickstarter right now.

So that I have something to post this week I’m going to review a game we have played before and my family really enjoys, Dice Town.

This is a game with some Yatzee type features in that you re-roll dice trying to get the best “poker” hand you can but it differs in that the other players can effect how many times you can roll and you are playing your dice against theirs, not against a score sheet.

The board consists of a “town” with a Gold Mine, Bank, General Store, Saloon, Sheriff’s Office, and Town Hall.  The General Store and Town Hall have cards you can win, the Gold Mine where you can get Gold Nuggets each worth 1 VP and the Bank where you earn money to help manipulate your dice, The Saloon lets you steal cards from another player and the Sheriff lets you decide ties.  The General Store cards are face down when you pick them up and can either be effects to help out during the game or VPs, the Town Hall earns you Land Deeds that give you VPs.


The last location is Doc Badluck for those that don’t win anything else.  He has a variety of options to help protect cards or gain other advantages.


This game really is a blast and with 3 – 5 players you can really play some strategy trying to gain from areas that others are ignoring.

Suggested Movie: For family – Rango For Adults The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

What Movie do you suggest?  Let me know in the comments below.


Game Type: Dice

Ages: 8 and up

Size: Medium box (longer that wide)


Me – 9 (I will play this game any day that anyone wants to play it, It isn’t heavy with strategy but is always full of laughs)

My Wife – 10 (My wife loves this game she is always excited to play)

Daughter – 10 (My daughter laughs and giggles and tries to get all the gold nuggets.  She also tends to win this game a lot!)





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