Kickstarter – Updates

Just a quick note on some great games that are going on in Kickstarter right now.  Just to be upfront about this, I am already backing all of these games.

The first is Scoville.  A game about growing and cross breeding peppers.  Don’t yawn too soon.  This game looks like a blast and has some nice mechanics and good strategy options.  The components are going to be extremely nice and the company producing it has put out some real nice games in the past.  This game is ending soon has Farmer Meepls and looks like it is going to hit the stretch goal for PEPPER MEEPLES!  If you like gardening, Euros, Set collection, Strategy or FUN you want this game. Get over and check is out before you have to pay full retail for it. Scoville Kickstarter Scoville

The next game is one that I have reviewed the print and play version of just recently oddball Aeronauts.  This is a game I can’t wait to get my hands on.  The mechanics in my opinion are pure genius and you can play it without a table or playing surface.  Imagine WAR the card game with great depth of strategy and a ton of tactical options all while holding the cards in your hand and never laying it down.  The art is intriguing and fun to look at with a anthropomorphic steam punk theme.  This game has passed its funding goals and has some real nice stretch goals which are definitely in reach.  It is currently a two player game but they are working on a three and four player variants with additional factions/decks.  If you don’t pick this game up you are really missing out! oddball Aeronauts Kickstarter oddball

The last one I want to discuss is Province.  This is a two player micro game where you are building your village using labor and money resources.  Think tidy Euro game for your pocket.  It has already hit some nice stretch goals of improved art, a labor tracker and extra money.  It has ten days to go and I think this would be a great way to get into Euros or get a fellow player that “HATES” Euros into them without being obvious.  It looks like a simple little pocket game that contains a lot of the ideas in Euros without looking complicated and intimidating.  My wife does not like Euros and she is looking forward to this game.  At $5 what do you have to lose?  Province Kickstarter PageProvince


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