oddball Aeronauts-Fun Anywhere

I have a special review today.  I played a print and play version of a new Kickstarter game called oddball Aeronauts.  (oddball Aeronauts Kickstarter link)  My daughter and I had a special game session tonight just to test out oddball Aeronauts.  I would be proud to say that I kicked her butt……..except I didn’t.  She beat me by two cards! (I’ll explain that in a bit)

This is a uncomplicated (not  unintelligent) card game.  There are three stats on the front of the basic cards Sailing, Cannons and Boarding that are used to combat your opponent.

You’ll notice a large number and a small number.  The large number will be your basic skill level and only used from your current top card.  The small numbers are the support numbers and will be added from up to the next two cards to decide your total for that round.  After the lead player declares what action they are using the second player decides and declares which they are using.  There is a count down and a display of fingers is used to show if a player is using 1, 2, or 3 cards this turn.  The totals for the chosen skills are compared and a winner is decided by largest total.  All cards used are then flipped upside down on the bottom of the deck being held in your hand.  There are also win effects if you win using Sailing you turn two of the upside down cards back over, Cannons/guns your opponent has to turn two extra cards upside down.  If Boarding wins you turn one card back to upright and your opponent turns over one extra card.

The goal is simple, be the last player with any cards left facing up.  As you will see above my daughter had cards left facing up, two of them, when I was forced to turn my last card upside down.  There are some extra details I haven’t gotten into like event cards that can have some special effects and the tricks that each card has that will effect some of the play but these are the basics.


So what do I think?  What does my nine year old daughter think?  This game scores a 10 for both of us!  It was fast (even the first time went quick), it requires absolutely no playing surface since cards are held in the hand the entire time. The art, even on the PnP, was great.  The gameplay starts to become smooth and easy to understand while retaining a nice depth of strategy and tactical choices.  This game is creative in its game play and mechanics.  This will be a game that is taken with us when we travel and maybe even to restaurants just to get in a quick game while we wait.  Get to kickstarter now and back this project to get your own copy.  You will regret it if you miss out on this one!!!  oddball Aeronauts Kickstarter link


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