King of Tokyo – Another success

This Friday was another fantastic success. We invited another friend over this weekend. I don’t think his family plays board games very often. He had a great time though! He kept asking what game is next and we played several. I was about ready to drop[ by the time we were wrapping up. The games we played are all great for a new game player; Love Letter (which I have reviewed before), King of Tokyo (which I will review today), Tenzi (a super simple dice game that is a blast), and Forbidden Island (a great family cooperative game). Inviting a friend over has really made the last few game nights a blast!


King of Tokyo (BGG King of Tokyois a dice game in the spirit of Yatzee but it is so much more! Every player chooses a monster to play (The King, Meka Dragon, Giga Zaur, Cyber Bunny, The Kraken, or Alienoid). There are no special powers in the base game but, if you purchase the expansions each character is a little different.  You roll six dice with the following sides; attack, heal, energy, 1, 2, 3. If you are not in Tokyo (a spot on the board) and you roll attacks you attack the monster in Tokyo, if you are in Tokyo you attack every monster not in Tokyo. Heal lets you repair the damage done to you by other monsters and Energy gives you cubes you can use to buy special powers.  The 1, 2 and 3 are used to try and accumulate victory points. The winner is the first monster to 20 Victory points or the last monster left.  Great game easy to teach and learn.

Suggested Movie: King Kong or Godzilla of course.  Other suggestions would be Plan 9 From Outer Space or any 50’s or 60’s monster movie.

What Movie do you suggest?  Let me know in the comments below.


Game Type: Dice

Ages: 8 and up

Size: Medium box


Me – 10 (I will play this game any day that anyone wants to play it)

My Wife – 10 (My wife loves this game she is always excited to play)

Daughter – 10 (My daughter laughs and giggles and stresses and has a blast the whole time we play this game)




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