Nice Turn Around – Loot

We had a nice turn around this Friday. My daughter invited a friend over for game night and it was enjoyable. We played the always popular Love Letter to start off and our guest that had never played before almost won! We closed out the night with “Loot.”  We all had a good time and the games were light enough for a guest but still contained some strategy.  We seem to be settling in to pizza for game night dinner but I think we need to branch out to something different.

Loot is a fun little game with some fairly basic rules. Everyone starts with a hand of six cards and you have the choice of playing a Treasure Ship card, a Pirate ship card to attack a Treasure ship or drawing a card. Once someone plays a Treasure ship card the play continues around the table with everyone having the option to attack it or not. If it is not attacked by the time play gets around to the original player of the card they sweep it off the table into their treasure pile for points at the end of the game. If it is attacked others after the attacker including the original player of the card can attack it with pirate ships attempting to place a high total of pirate ship points on it than others. the person that places the highest amount without being challenged gets the card. The player at the end of the game with the most treasure wins. Treasure cards are in various value amounts as are pirate ships.  The strategy comes in trying to gather as much treasure as you can while reserving your pirates to attack large treasure ships but getting your opponents to attack ships you don’t want with larger pirate cards so they can’t out attack you later.  There are five special cards that act as trump type cards but they only come into play a little.


Game Type: Card

Ages: 8 and up

Size: Small box


Me – 5 (An OK game but not spectacular.  I will gladly play when my daughter asks for the game but I wouldn’t suggest the game.)

My Wife – Has not played

Daughter – 2 (She thought it was OK, but I think it was a little slow for her and finding the deeper strategy was difficult for her.)




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