Total Failure

This Friday was a failure for our game night.  It happened but it really went poorly.  The game I picked was Tiny Epic Kingdom (the Print and Play version).  The problem began when we started the game later than desired because of dinner issues and problems getting the baby to sleep.  My oldest daughter (9 yrs.) was getting tired and unfortunately I think the game or its goal/concept was a little beyond her.  We were only three rounds into the game when my daughter wanted to go to bed.  I believed this was caused more by her not clicking with the game but, do think she was getting at least a little tired.  After she went to be my wife and I finished the game.

The Review:



Game Type: 4X (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate)

Ages: 10 and up (depending on ability to understand effects)

Size: Small

Ratings (1-10):

Me: 9.  I liked this game, a lot.  I would play this often.  I was going to back the kick starter for it until my family was less thrilled about the game. ( Tiny Epic Kingdom ). It went fast even with my wife thinking and planning like she was really taking over the world.  If you want a fast 4x game back this kick starter and get this game.  They have tons of extras for the kick starter.

My Wife: 5- Just wasn’t very interesting or catching for me.  I felt like the tower number (trade, explore, etc) were kind of boring.

Daughter: 2 She liked the idea of the game but the mechanics were too complicated for her to enjoy the game while concentrating on actually playing.

Average 5.3 (but we had the wrong group for this game)


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