First Game Review – Love Letter

So, we had our first game night that will be reviewed.   We did have to postpone the night to Saturday due to a friends invite for my daughter to go to the archery range on Friday night.  Game night itself was great, about 1 1/2 hours of playing and eating with no electronics involved.  My daughter had a good time and so did my wife and I.   I feel that it was a real success and look forward to many more in the future.

The game we played was Love Letter produced by AEG ( ).  It is a part of a series of games by AEG that use the same characters, settings, and continuing story line (The Tempest Game Series).  This is number 4 in the series according to BGG.  It is an interesting game in that it only has 16 cards in the deck and 13 “Tokens of Affection” (little red cubes) to keep score.  For only having 16 cards it packs in a lot of game.  Each card has an effect that causes other players to discard their hand, show you their card or various other actions.  The goal is to be the last person in the game or the player with the highest ranking card if all the cards run out before only one player is left.

The thing that amazed me is how “Thinky” the game can be.  You only have a hand of one card and on your turn you draw a card.  So with only two cards in your hand it shouldn’t be that difficult to decide which to play but, you can have hands where you don’t want to play either or desperately want to play both.  Hands play out quickly and it is very fun with some tension.  The quickness is where the Tokens of Affection (ToA) come in to make the game play longer if desired.  In a 2 player game the first person to win 7 hands wins the game and in a 3 player game the first to 5 wins, in a four player game the first to 4 wins, though you can adjust as time requires.

If you have kids I really believe they could enjoy this game down to around age 7 or 8 depending on the kid. My 9 year old daughter has beat me twice in a two player game and beat me and my wife at this weeks game night, I did give her a run for her money with four ToA.  It is not due to chance either, with very little luck, a 9 year old really is capable of out playing an adult in this game while the adults feel they can play at full competitiveness and not be overly tough.

Suggested Movie: The Love Letter (a movie all about confusion over a Love Note) also; Pride and Prejudice or Noises Off (This doesn’t fit perfectly with the age of the theme but the constant switching of information is similar to the mechanics)

What Movie do you suggest?  Let me know in the comments below.


Game Type: Card; Competitive

Ages: 7 and up (depending on ability to understand effects)

Size: Small, Travel


Me – 10 (I will be happy to play this game anytime someone requests it come to the table)

My Wife – 8 (Enjoys it because it is fast, fun, but still thinking involved)

Daughter – 10 (It’s really fun and if you lose it’s no big deal because you are going to play another game right away)



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