The Declaration

I will be taking back my family time.  On Fridays there will no longer be iPads, iPhones, or apps.  I’m tired of looking around the living room on Friday night and only seeing the back of electronic devices while the TV plays whatever channel was set by the last person to look up from their device.  We will be playing family games from now on.  My daughters are growing up.  I have a 9 year old and an 18 month old.  It seems like yesterday I was feeding the 9 year old a bottle and hoping she slept through the night.  Now she is in fourth grade, knows the most popular songs and is so busy with dance, soccer and friends I feel like I am missing her grow up.

I will be posting information on the games we play.  I will review these games from a family point of view.  I’ll try to include what family members enjoyed them, how difficult they were for each person and how everybody would rank them on a scale of 1 – 10.  If you have any suggestions on games or methods for game night let me know.  I need all the ammo I can get.  Apple has millions of apps and thousands of people working on keeping my family’s faces stuck in their devices.  I am challenging the giants.  It’s time we all take back our families and teach them what we know, not only what Google knows.

Its time to kill the boredom with some Board Dom-I Nation!Image


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